Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2: July 18 - More acclimatization

I was planning on just taking it easy today and finishing up some work that I was unable to complete before leaving, while the other two had planned a short ride.

We headed out for a leisurely breakfast of waffles with maple syrup (and I went double-dose, getting waffles with nutella as well!) and then ended up taking a walk through the excruciatingly steep roads of old Manali for an hour or so.

Then we decided to have lunch at the Original Original (yes, that's twice) Shere-E-Punjab dhaba, whose owner claims that this is the original (hmm) that spawned all the copies across the nation.   I know from a cross-country trip in 2004 that there are 13 Shere-E-Punjab dhabas along the length of NH-1 (GT Road).

After stuffing ourselves with shockingly greasy and temptingly tasty food, I went back to my laptop to finish the work, and then took a nap.   The other two must have gotten infected by my laziness, because they too bailed on the ride and napped instead.

The evening was spent trying to fix the headset of my Ritchey, which just wouldnt pre-load properly.  Finally, after a lot of grunting and struggling, we got it done.   Then it was off to get all the supplies for the trip and a tasty lasagna dinner at our usual haunt, the Johnson Cafe.

Just finished packing and realized that the camera mount for the Drift HD170 will not fit on the bike handlebars or my helmet.    Grrrr.

Anyway, off to bed.   Tomorrow, we ride for Rohan (or for real, anyway).


  1. Loving that the food gets mentioned as much as (actually more than) the cycling!

  2. A great appetizer to the full meal ahead! Keep it coming :)