Saturday, July 2, 2011

Base completed - some thoughts

So tomorrow is my last ride of base - well, technically, I still have Week 4 of Base3 to go, but it is a recovery week so not a whole lot going on there.

This year has been very different from last.

Last year, I knocked off 1000km+ in each of the 3 base months, including back-to-back 100km rides every weekend.   Weekdays, I'd just get some riding in for 45 minutes-1 hour per ride.

This year, I am following a Joe Friel based training plan.   It started me off very slow - no ride longer than 1.5 hours in the first month, 2.5 hours in the second month and only now, in month 3, am I riding 3+ hours on weekends.      Month 1 had some running thrown in.  Month 2 was on the bike only, and starting including some tempo work.   Month 3 was also bike-only and actually built up to a weekly FTP session.   All 3 months include some weight training as well.

Under this new plan, my overall mileage is quite low - some of it is due to doing a lot of rides on the trainer and the broken roads of the island (where I lose about 5-6kph for the same wattage due to bouncing up and down).  

However, I feel a good improvement over last year in terms of my ability to hold higher wattage and feel that my FTP is a good 20W more than what it was over the same period last year... ie, about the same as what I ended last year with.     So once I start the build phase next month, I am hoping to end the year a good 40-45W higher than where I started... which should be a level I feel happy with, and which will provide a good starting point for Ironman training.

But in the immediate future, Ladakh beckons - 2 weeks to go and I need to start planning for it.


  1. Hi Vandit !
    Some of us from Goa are also planning to ride Ladakh in 2012. Will you be doing solo ? You will be doing Ladakh in immediate future, doe that mean July/August ? Looking forward to your post on Ladakh ride, will be helpful to us !
    Ajay (Goa)

  2. No, am riding with Mohan and Manish. And yes, we are going in the second half of July.