Thursday, January 13, 2011

If at first you dont succeed, eat cake instead

Now, as I mentioned earlier, Jan is my pre-base.  So I wasnt planning on doing a lot of rides this month.  But I was supposed to get out on my bike a couple of times a week and get some easy rides in.

Besides, I had my new Psimet Powertap rear wheel, replacing the wired Pro+ wheel I got from Competitive Cyclist in late 2009 - Elite+ hub laced to DT Swiss RR585 rims with 32 DT Swiss Comp spokes.   Build to my specs - sturdy and bombproof, weight be damned.  And at 1400+ gm for just that wheel, weight was indeed damned.  I reiterate - this was by choice:  Psimet makes fine, lightweight wheels (I have a pair of clinchers that are sturdy and yet <1500gm), but I need a wheel that would let me ride over every damn pothole here on The Rock without whimpering or crying for mama.

And so, a couple of days ago, when I woke up to cloudy skies and a cool sea breeze, I was - in strict violation of the Roadie Code - actually looking forward to getting on my velocipede and putting in a Z2 ride for a couple of hours.   I had put on Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires (heavy buggers, those) and was ready to show those potholes that they. do. not. mess. with. the. Guads.

About 3.5km into the ride, I heard something knocking in the rear wheel, despite having Deadmau5 playing on my iPod.  Hmm, thinks I, what can it be?    And decided to stop and inspect the rear.   And just as I unclipped and got off, the rear tube went with a loud bang that scared the crud out of me.   Apparently, the Marathons were not seated properly.

Hmm, thinks I (a state that I am eminently familiar with), how the hell did that happen?

I had, of course, no spare tubes (hey, I have had 1 flat here in the past 14 months, and that was a pinchflat caused by bombing over a pothole at 40kph+, it isn't really essential).  So I flagged a passing jeep, hopped in and headed back.  And there, as I was trying to put in a different tube, I realized that the valves on my 70x28-37 tubes were too short for the 30mm rims.  There was no way I was going to get a tire bead to seat on the rim AND get the valve to extend beyond the rim.  Damnation and eternal damnation.

So I went and ate cake and did a couple of runs instead.

Moral of the story - no matter how much schwag you have, you never have enough.   That's what I take away from it, anyway.

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