Saturday, January 15, 2011

First real ride of 2011

Today, finally, I managed to go and get a decent ride in.    Woke up very late but was out of the door with the bike within 5 minutes.   Goal was to get in a decent 2 hour aerobic ride.    As it turns out, I lost a waterbottle somewhere along the way and rather than stop, refill my remaining bottle and keep going, I ended the ride after 1:40.

Was running the Mavic Open Pro/105 wheelset that I had laced up last year.  They seem to be holding up quite well - hit a few big bumps today and they seem relatively true.  I still need to get a proper truing stand to confirm, though.

A more interesting thing I realized on today's ride was what a difference tire and pressure can make.  I was running 700x35 Ritchey Cross tires (knobbies) at 70 psi front/80 psi rear and my aerobic pace was a lot slower than normal.    Need to put faster rubber on those wheels, just on general principle.

The sun was shining, the cars were well-behaved (and that is because 2 days ago, this small island with 20km worth of roads had its first road fatality when a speeding taxi hit 2 people) and there was a cool breeze blowing.   Even the island elephants were out - by the side of the road, thankfully - and the dogs were also mercifully silent.  And I had new music on my iPod - a mix of rap, metal, techno and classic rock.

It was good to be out riding again!

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  1. Too much sunshine. What next, flowers?

    (Just being bad tempered because of your promise on DM.)